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The Crisis in Ukraine

It was a people’s revolution that eventually overthrew the Ukraine president and his government early in 2014. Then Vladimir Putin moved Russia’s military into Crimea. Now this area in southern Ukraine has become a pawn in a political game of tug of war between Russia and the West. (Length: 15:11)

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Airport Wi-Fi: Canada Spying on Its Own

Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSEC) is a government agency tasked with gathering intelligence in other countries. Documents released by American whistleblower Edward Snowden, however, tell a very different story. For a two-week span, thousands of people who travelled through Canadian airports had their movements tracked even after they left the airport. CSEC says their actions were legal, but some disagree. (Length: 11:04)

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Stephen Harper in Israel

In his first official visit to Israel, Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised ongoing support from Canada. And though he was welcomed graciously, it did not stop detractors in both Canada and Israel from speaking out. Harper’s speech in the Israeli parliament gained particular attention. (Length: 14:49)

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Russia: In the Shadow of the Games

It was Russia’s time to shine as it hosted the 2014 Winter Games – and it was also Russian President Vladimir Putin’s moment of glory as he played host to the world. But who is this man who rules Russia with a smile and an iron fist? And what does the youth of Russia think about him? (Length: 16:26)

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Nelson Mandela: An International Symbol

The world lost a great leader in December 2013. Nelson Mandela had been an activist against a bigoted regime in South Africa. His protests landed him in prison for nearly three decades. While there Mandela became the face of the movement that eventually toppled the apartheid regime, and Mandela himself went on to become the first black president of South Africa. Here is the story of his life and how he will be remembered. (Length: 16:48)

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Pope Francis Making Headlines

In March 2013, Jorge Maria Bergoglio, a humble cardinal from Argentina, became the 266th pope of the Roman Catholic Church. He took the name Pope Francis and promised change at the Vatican. Within months he was making headlines for his openness to new ideas and willingness to change. (Length: 15:42)

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Addiction and the Food Industry

There is science behind the manufacturing of the foods we eat — science that makes us crave more, eat more, want more. That science is being used every day by the food giants to keep us hooked. They use sugar, salt and liquid fat to make foods as addictive as narcotics. In this report, CBC health reporter Kelly Crowe investigates how the food industry is manipulating consumers — all for the bottom line. (Length: 15:25)

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Winter’s Bitter Grip

Canadians tend to be a hearty bunch, ready to adjust to all kinds of weather. In Southern Ontario however, things got a little out of hand at the end of 2013. A winter storm plunged much of the Toronto area into darkness as trees covered in ice fell onto power lines. Thousands spent the holiday season in the cold and darkness. (Length: 14:27)

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